Swiss screw machining relies on a specialized Swiss-type lathe tailored for repetitive part production from a 12-foot or 3-meter-long bar. Unlike traditional lathes, the Swiss screw machine features a movable headstock for Z-axis motion, while a guide bushing supports the bar ahead of the turning tools. This setup enables operators to achieve remarkable precision when machining extended diameters.

Primarily developed for the rapid production of small, highly precise components, these Swiss screw machines revolutionized manufacturing by enabling the efficient production of large quantities of identical parts, such as screws. Switzerland’s expertise in precision instruments, including timepieces, scales, and optical devices like microscopes and telescopes, necessitated the creation of reliable machines capable of mass-producing critical components such as shafts, bolts, screws, and pins.

High volume, smaller, more intricate parts run through our screw machines. Our screw machines are supported by 12 foot long LNS bar feeders that enable products to run non-stop 24 hrs a day.

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